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What is your skill set?

Advanced Rider Skills:


You have several years of experience on gravel and 4x4 trails along with some single track, riding gravel roads, 4WD tracks and light off road tracks on your adventure bike. You can comfortably ride a motorcycle on dirt roads and tracks for several hours at a time. 

· You can cross a one foot log without stopping or stress. You have a desire to learn the skills to ride more challenging terrain, rocks and other obstacles. You want to learn how to ride more difficult off road terrain and push your adventures further in a safe and efficient way. Obstacles like log crossings, rocks and hills are what you are in to.

· If you have a low speed crash/tip over that doesn’t bother you too much and you look at scratches on the bike as part of the sport. You are able to pick up your own bike comfortably.

 · You can perform a standing, 180 degree turn on a single lane road.

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