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What is our story?

I have been a moto enthusiast since I was a kid.  Starting with my mini bike and racing BMX as a kid and moving on as a young adult into mountain bikes and sports bikes.  I toured the country on Harleys and currently enjoying the ultimate riding experience, Adventure motorcycles.

How did it turn into a business?

Since I was a kid I  was organizing events.  It started with the neighborhood BMX track and continued with cross country trips on my Harley.  Planning trips is so much more than a GPS file taking you through a cool location. ​ How long the days are, the towns you are stopping and staying in all play a part in the overall success of the trip.   

Having been self employed since the age of 19 it was not a stretch to turn my passion for riding into a business. Moto Adventure Tours was created to help people explore new destinations.   We do all of the planning and advance work you can fly and ride or bring your bike to the start.  Not having to travel with excessive luggage makes the days ride more enjoyable and our luggage vehicle doubles as a support for the unexpected. 


While I am a USMCA Certified Dirt Bike and Street Bike Coach, I find great value in bringing coaches like Chris Birch in to provide another level of skill training. 


I hope you will join us for a tour or some training.  The events have a start and end date but the memories last forever!

Motocross Riders

Adventure & Experience

For me Adv riding is the ultimate peaceful experience.  My full concentration is on riding the bike.  This leaves no room for random thoughts.   This combined with the physical effort has me in an extremely relaxed state after a ride.  Spending time with fellow riders reflecting on the days events is a great part of the experience

Safety First

Establishing guidelines before someone books a trip is an important task.  The goal for our events is safety, we cover the details such as the desired space between riders and talk about finding your pace. Alcoholic beverages if desired are after the bikes are parked not during the ride.  

Pouring Beer

Moto Gallery

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