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Advanced Planning an Adventure Motorcycle Tour

There is a lot of advance work that goes into planning an adventure motorcycle tour. It is true that you can do a lot of research online but there is no replacement for firsthand experience. The difference between a great trip and the memory of a bad trip is usually in the planning. There are a lot of ingredients that go into the makings of a great adventure motorcycle tour. The location is obvious but often the best locations to ride lack some of the other key ingredients. When planning out the days, it is tough to guess how long a route will take. When we advance ride a route that was planned online, we have a 100% readjustment plan vs actual. Unlike a paved route with speed limits, you cannot estimate how long it will take to cover an off-road section. Some forest or gravel roads you can maintain a decent speed and other technical sections bring the pace to a crawl. This does not consider flat tires, picking up bikes and regrouping etc… We have covered over 200 plus miles in a day with time to spare compared to barely making it to the end of the route on a 100-mile section. It is all part of the adventure, but I like to say, “luck favors the prepared”. The routes will change with weather as the terrain will be directly impacted. Even the best planned routes will have long days and challenges, this is part of what we sign up for.

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