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The difference between Adventure Motorcycle road trips and cruiser road trips

I have travelled all over the country on two lane roads on Harley's. When I transitioned to adventure bikes, I was surprised by the difference which was mostly related to esthetic care for your bike. The biggest difference is dropping your bike, if one of us dropped our Harley it would have been the end of the day and potentially the end of the trip. On my first adventure ride we met up at a gas station as people were jockeying their bikes around one of the guys dropped his Africa Twin. I ran over in a panic to see if I could help and he was laughing and said "at least I got that out of the way". Was this guy crazy? He just dropped his bike which added some scratches to it and had not a care in the world. Adventure motorcycles are made for adventures, both on road and off road, and when you are off road in some deep sand or other tough terrain it is it only a matter of time before someone drops their bike. I had heard that this style riding was good exercise but I didn't expect part of that would come from lifting up 500 pound bikes. On that topic, there are some important tips and tricks to know. Most importantly is take your time. The bike is already on the ground so a few extra minutes will not hurt but rushing to get it back on two wheels can cause an injury.

I thoroughly enjoyed the road trips I have taken over the years but I can say that they were no match for adventure riding. On an adventure motorcycle tour you get the best of all worlds; great twisty back roads, trails though the mountains and streams with off road challenges that will test even the most advanced riders skill set. It is like a motorcycle ride combined with a scavenger hunt for routes, skill test for off road, and an endurance test all rolled into one. If you have not been on an adventure motorcycle you should try it and even more important, if you own an adventure motorcycle know it is meant to be on and off road.

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